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How Do Cats Show Love?

How Do Cats Show Love? Feb 2021

While you can’t read your cat’s mind, cats have their own special ways of showing that they love you. Here are some amazing ways that your cat may be communicating how much they love you:

  1. Kneading. Your cat may knead your lap when you are petting them. This means that your cat is trying to tell you that they love you right back.
  2. Rubbing against your legs. When your cat rubs their body against your legs while you are standing, they are showing you affection.
  3. Showing you their belly. If your cat rolls over for you to pet their belly, it means they feel very comfortable, loved and protected by you. It’s a great sign of trust!
  4. Following you around the house. Does your cat follow you wherever you go? Your cat is showing you that they love being in your presence.
  5. Snuggles. If your cat snuggles with you often, this means they love being with you and feel safe with you.